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License #766743 California Certified SBE
License #766743 California Certified SBE



Underground Utility Excavation

MBI can provide all equipment, labor and materials needed to complete your underground utility installation: soft dig, utility location, shoring, concrete encasement, aggregate backfill, rebar reinforcement, demo and patch asphalt and concrete hardscape as well as poured in place concrete equipment pads and cable/utility trenches.


Structural Foundations and Slab-On-Grade

Excavation for all your structural needs: spread footings, grade beams, continuous footings, pile caps, retaining walls, etc. In addition, we perform slab on grade preparation including fine grading and purchase and placement of sub-slab materials.


Demo and Site Work

Demo and haul off hardscape and green waste. Building pad over-ex and re-compact, import and export, rough and fine grading including place and compact sub-grade materials.


Turnkey Solutions

MBI’s turnkey solutions provide you with comprehensive Project Management from start to finish including:

  • Saw cut/demo
  • Import / export
  • Patch back of hardscape
  • Traffic control
  • Cast in place utility pads and trenches
  • Hydraulic and slide rail shoring
  • Trench plates
  • Sub-slab materials
  • Encasement


Comprehensive estimating provided for all current and future projects provided at no cost. MBI’s estimating department will work hand-in-hand with your company to create a proposal encompassing all the site-specific conditions for your upcoming project.


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